e-Reading: Getting the Most Out of Your Kindle or Other e-Book Reader

e-Reading: Getting the Most Out of Your Kindle or Other e-Book Reader is a concise, but thorough, guide that will tell you everything you should—but probably don’t—know about reading in the digital age. Whether you are considering a new e-reader or you are the happy owner of a Kindle or other device, this book is for you. Even if you are more concerned with becoming a self-published Kindle author than with learning the ins and outs of e-reading, you will probably find ideas that will help you publish a better quality book and market it more effectively.

The book is divided into four parts:

Part I discusses the different e-reading options, including dedicated e-readers and apps for personal computers, tablets, and smartphones. Various e-reading features and e-book formats are also presented.

Part II presents a comprehensive look at the various places to source and organize your e-reading materials, including free public domain books, articles on the Web and your own personal documents. The majority of resources discussed are free.

Part III gives you tips, advice, and resources to get the most from your Kindle. Whether you’re looking for ways to stay current on all things Kindle, want to learn how to easily send almost any reading content to your Kindle, use it more effectively with shortcuts, or even learn about some hidden features, this section is for you.

Part IV is a buyers’ guide for anyone interested in purchasing an e-reader. The main devices considered are the Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony, and iRiver e-readers, though others are mentioned as well. Even if you already use a Kindle, there might be some value in reading this section.

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